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Nov 13, 2017


by Rasha

Oneness is perhaps the single most profound book that I've read since my awakening journey began (3 or 4 years ago).  It is unlike anything that I have read before or since.  It contains forty-four chapters chock full of very esoteric metaphysical knowledge and wisdom, and it is definitely not for everyone.  You'll likely either love it or hate it — before finishing the first chapter, you'll either be hooked or baffled and bored.

It was written by an American woman who calls herself simply, Rasha.  It was not so much written "by" her as it was written "through" her.  She had her first dialogue with "Oneness" in the winter of 1998. “What is Oneness?” she asked, silently. “Are you God?

And the astounding reply that was silently returned was this:

As the drop of water is to the ocean — that is what Oneness is. The essence of the drop is every bit the essence of the totality. As you would understand God to be — yes, we are God. We are Oneness.

So began the profound relationship that Rasha experienced within the sanctity of her own consciousness.  And so began the epic four-year-long journey that culminated in her transcribing and living the teachings contained in this book.

The result was an impressive in-depth treatise on the metaphysical nature of reality and existence, the shift in consciousness and the ascension process, and the mechanics of reality creation.  It is also a detailed handbook on how to navigate the shift effectively, containing much practical advice on ascension, self-transformation, self-empowerment, self-mastery, and becoming a deliberate creator.

It covers these topics in excruciating yet fascinating detail.  And it explores many advanced metaphysical concepts that you likely have never heard of before.

To adequately express the truly unique flavor of this book I'll have to share some excerpts from the book. In the very first chapter of this book Oneness introduces itself like this:

We are Oneness. We are the embodiment of the God force, as are you. We are as a drop of water is to the ocean — bonded in Oneness to it, being of it and unto it, yet having identity and self-perception.

It continues by explaining that we are multidimensional beings and that we are in the process of reconnecting with the higher levels of self:

In uniting in Oneness with all Creation, you give full expression, in the context of linear form, to the multidimensionality that is your true state of beingness. By consciously recognizing the connection and allowing its unlimited expression through your form and through your consciousness, you open the door to the possibility of expansion and encompass the understandings and perceptions that characterize those states of being. It is toward that state of bonded union with the expanded levels of self that you strive in these times.

It goes on to introduce the nature of the great shift in consciousness that is occurring and its ramifications:

Reality as you would know it to be will cease to be. You will not experience the shift that is to come as loss, though the circumstances that will transpire might indicate that interpretation. For in shifting to a higher octave of perception, you will come to embody, in the moment of that shift, the awareness and the innate understandings that accompany the heightened states of beingness toward which your energy flows at an unprecedented pace. You will begin to experience glimpses of that expanded reality as you move closer to the shift in consciousness to come. You will be able to see aspects of reality that most, whose perceptions are limited to the physical senses, are unable to sense.

You will know the nature of your unlimited state of being without having read about it in books or heard the concepts spoken of by those who herald visions and prophecies of a new paradigm. You will, ultimately, defer to no one, as you come to be empowered and to experience yourself as the aspect of the Oneness that you, indeed, are.

Wow! And this is just a warmup. To get more of a feel of this book let's skip ahead to what Oneness says at the close of the introduction:

The opportunity before you now is to embody your history and simultaneously to reach for and to integrate the timeless aspects of self that have thus far eluded you. In so doing, you will experience yourself as the Oneness that you Are. And you will come to be that Oneness in conjunction with the full collective of every aspect of you — aspects that are what you are in their core essence, but recognize themselves as separate from you.

This is the process at hand. This is the momentum toward which you strive with all else in your reality, and beyond your reality, in these times. This is the journey you have undertaken by coming into form in this lifetime. And this is the journey that could take you beyond the limitations of form — in this lifetime.

This is the journey that will carry you the full distance, beyond the parameters of the entire concept of a lifetime — to a state of being that is the embodiment of timelessness. A state of being known as Oneness. We are that Oneness. And we have come to guide you home.

Woooh! Has this gotten your attention yet?  To give you more of an idea of the extensive ground covered in this book here is a list of the key topics explored in the book, chapter by chapter.  This seemed like the best way to share a true indication of the scope and depth of this book.

Key Topics Explored in the Book


  • A glimpse into the experience of ascension.
  • Integrating fragmented aspects of consciousness.
  • Attaining the perspective of one's own expanded, multidimensional self.


  • Your energy field as the co-creator of your circumstances.
  • The power of your thoughts and words as tools of manifestation.
  • Breaking the patterns that create unwanted outcomes.


  • Bringing the "recurring dream" of this lifetime to completion.
  • Learning to recognize and to decline the invitation of conflict.
  • How the collective will has helped transcend the prophecies for these times.
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Need I say more?  The scope and depth of the topics explored in this book is truly epic and profound!


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Excerpts from the Book:
  • Buried in the depths of your illusions, far beneath the distortions of all you were taught to believe, was a level of self that would remain untouched. It is that precious spark of your own Divinity that you sought to discover, safe within you, when all else failed — as you knew it would. You were the one who set it up that way. — Rasha, Oneness

  • You are the embodiment of a momentum that is surging toward the completion of a timeless process. That process is the reunification of all that you are, all that you have ever been, and all that you are yet to be, in a simultaneous expression of Oneness. — Rasha, Oneness

  • Ascension is a universal motion, a yearning, a striving, a releasing, a surrendering -- a joyous cumulation of your journey here in physical form. It is not something that is done to you. It is a process that is initiated by you, orchestrated by you, an experienced fully as an evolutionary journey by you. In order to make the shift, preparation has been made by you, over the course of much time, to bring you to the place that you are able to be a fully conscious participant in the cumulation of the journey. — Rasha, Oneness

  • The one you hope to unveil in the process of this quest has no need to do anything in order to know him as he truly Is. For, there are no questions of judgment or of worthiness and unworthiness in a state of Isness. One simply Is. One's joy in that simple act of being is untouched by the issues that might distract the one caught in the drama of the illusion. The One you have had a fleeting chance to experience and ultimately to know is untouched by the trials and tribulations of your drama. That One simply Is. And knows. And radiates the joy of that Isness -- that knowingness. — Rasha, Oneness

  • So long as you permit the programming of your mind to dominate every waking breath, and so long as you run your life as a mindless exercise of reflex responses calculated to prove that you are 'right' about whatever your issues happen to be, you will not be capable of experiencing the exquisite connectedness that awaits you. So long as you hold your focus in the realm of mundane concerns, you will be unable to perceive the Divine essence that calls to you in silence. — Rasha, Oneness

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