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Are you ready to remember the TRUTH? ... The Magnificent truth about your existence and the true nature of yourself and your reality?

Join me on a grand tour of the ultimate nature of reality, existence, and self in my forthcoming book The Ground of Existence and understand the amazing truth of what you are and what you are a part of. 

This book takes you on deep dive beneath the surface of your current reality and explores the ground of existence from which all realities and existence itself emerges.  It goes far beyond what many of the spiritual traditions throughout the ages have taught, and will likely take you far beyond anything you have imagined.  It offers a fresh new perspective on the ultimate nature of reality.  Are you ready to have your mind stretched to a whole new dimension?  Are ready for the magnificent truth about the ultimate nature of your existence?

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The Ground of Existence — Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Hidden Greater Reality
  • Part 1: The Foundation and Source of Everything
    • Chapter - The Source Field
    • Chapter - Source Consciousness
      • The Source Field Awakens
      • What is Consciousness?
      • Director of the Field
      • Creator of All That is
      • Many Within the One
    • Chapter - The Integral and Absolute Nature of Source
    • Chapter - The Purpose of Source
    • Chapter - The Mysterious Origin of Source
  • Part 2: The Structure of Source Consciousness
    • Chapter - Introduction
    • Chapter - The Fractal Tree of Consciousness
      • Subdividing and Individuating Consciousness - Many Within the One
      • The Consciousness System - A Composite Networked Consciousness
      • The Purpose of Subdividing Consciousness
    • Chapter - The Chain of Consciousness
      • Higher Levels of Self
      • The Highest Self and the One Self
      • The Nature of Individuality, Identity and Personality
      • Connecting to Your Higher Levels of Self
    • Chapter - The Consciousness System
      • A Composite Networked Consciousness
      • An Intelligent Distributed Networked Information System
      • The Flow of Information in the System
      • Accumulating Experience, Learning, Knowledge, and Wisdom
      • The Dynamically Changing Structure
    • Chapter - Conclusion
  • Part 3: The Evolutionary Process of Source
    • Chapter - Introduction
    • Chapter - Experience is the Engine of Evolution
    • Chapter - The Infinite Possibility Space of Existence
    • Chapter - The Never Ending Evolutionary Process
    • Chapter - Roles and Responsibilities of Threads of Consciousness
      • Support Entities
      • Incarnating Entities
      • The Two Paths of Service to Our Source
      • The Distribution of Roles in the Tree of Consciousness
    • Chapter - The Core Evolutionary Dynamic within the Structure of Source Consciousness
      • The Small Scale Evolutionary Dynamic – The Journey of Souls
      • The Large Scale Evolutionary Dynamic – The Universal Ascension Process
    • Chapter - The Great Cycle of the Evolutionary Process
      • The Subdivision Phase
      • The Unification Phase
      • The Process Repeats
    • Chapter - The Massively Parallel Evolutionary Process
    • Chapter - Conclusion
  • Part 4: The Structure and Mechanics of Reality Constructs
    • Chapter - Introduction
    • Chapter - The Fractal Tree of Virtual Reality Constructs
    • Chapter - The Basics of Virtual Reality Design and Construction
    • Chapter - The Correlation between the Tree of Consciouness and Realites
    • Chapter - Types of Reality Constructs
    • Chapter - Our Reality System
    • Chapter - Expereincing a Virtual Reality Construct - The Incarnation Process
    • Chapter - Testing the Virtual Nature of Reality
      • Morphing Your Reality
      • Visiting Other Realities
    • Chapter - Conclusion
  • Part 5: The Great Mystery of Our Source
    • Chapter - The Mysterious Origin of Source
    • Chapter - Hypotheses About the Origin and Purpose of Source
      • The Spontaneously Evolving Consciousness System Conjecture
      • The Self Evolving Artificial Intelligence Conjecture
    • Chapter - Does the Origin Question Matter?
  • Conclusion: The Magnificent and Empowering Truths of Our Existence

Coming Soon!

I'm currently about 75% done with the first draft of this book and I expect it to be available sometime in the summer of 2018.  It will be available on all major e-book platforms as well as in paperback.  If you'd like to be notified by email when it becomes available please enter your name and email address below.

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