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Jul 7, 2016

Bits and pieces of the deeper reality and the true nature of self and existence are loosely represented in the world's religions.  Much of the details of our religious ideologies are idiosyncracies of the cultures and times that they were birthed in and have little to do with higher truth.  Many of the ideas and concepts of contemporary religions are distortions of the underlying truths that all religions are attempting to express. In fact, some of the concepts of God that our religions promote act to block understanding the wider reality and our higher/wider selves.

Many have lost sight of the nuggets of truth and wisdom hidden within the details and idiosyncracies of their ideaolgies.  Many have become so attached to ever little detail that they've lost their focus on the core principles and ideals that serve to guide us to higher ways of being.

If one surveys the modern religious ideologies as well as the ancient spiritual and mystical philoshyies one will notice that they have many differences but yet they all share some common elements.  It is the common elements that very likely represent underlying Universal truths.  Most of the differences are likely cultural and historical idiocycarcies that do not represent higher truth.  If one is objective this conclusion seems like common sense.

I whole-heartedly agree with Gandhi — the intelligence behind ALL THAT IS transcends all of our ideologies.


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